Leading distributors and market pioneers of food products


Successfully supplying all brands to the widely distributed regions, cities, & towns by effectively integrating nationwide operations, on-time deliveries thru strategic network of transport, communications, Sales Channels & Point of Sale

Our mission

National coverage of direct distribution network, with warehouses dotted around the length and breadth of Iraq.

Our vision

To be the trusted name in Multi-National Brands, any product sold by Saafat Alwadea will be a quality and popular product to the customer, a reliable and trusted distributor considering the retailer’s benefit to be just as important as ours. Ensuring the consumer’s experience and feeling is in line with the vision of the international company whose brand we distribute. Be equipped with the best IT system the country is able to use and be the vision of the future in our eld. A commitment to raise our employees standards by continuous training and inspiration.


Our experience in new product launches are key to what we do. We concentrate on the basics and continue to grow our brands in the Iraqi market by:



Delivering quality products and services to the consumer.


Wide Coverage

One of the leading distributors in Iraq, with full coverage of the main Iraqi regions



Continuous development and adaptation to latest business models



Excellent reputation for successful trade partnerships.


Who We Are?

Saafat Alwadea is a family owned company by alrubaye family, started its trading activities with commodities back in the 1960’s, in which the owners follow a scrupulous set of policies to ensure a healthy and professional working environment. The company aims to advance its current investments, while also looking for new opportunities to expand the brand.

Saafat Alwadea is one of the leading distributor and supplier of a diverse collection of consumer goods and foodstuffs with Quality, Value for Money, and Wellness always in mind, maintaining a log heritage of Trust with both Customers and Suppliers in Iraq.



Why Choose us?

We do our work with passion, which is providing pure quality spices and seeds to our clients.